Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Yep fell off the wagon again!

So I'm back with full of stuff to complain about. Apparently, my wishful thinking of trying to keep everything positive and good is failing horribly. Anyways, again I am going to try to make the commitment to updating this more often than I have been so don't give up on my just yet.

Moving on to recent events, so I'm purchasing a house and let me tell you there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for something that you are buying for this much money. I hate the waiting! I loath it! It's causing a ridiculous amount of stress because with super shitty credit you get super shitty interest rates. But whatever, I have been busting my ass to clean it up and it has gotten significantly better.....but not that good. Anyways, so on top of this frustration I work.

I unfortunately had to call in on Friday of this past week due to Keratitis in my left eye. SUCK! It's an Eye Ulcer. Talk about a shitty way to have to take a sick day. I mean normally a Friday sick day is like an extended weekend blamed on a fake cough or belly ache from the night before. This however was not the case at all. My eye was swollen shut and hurt as if I was standing 200 feet away from that stupid eye chart that they make you read and attempting to read the bottom line through a foggy shower enclosure window. (You know the windows that have the distortions so that in your own personal bathroom no one will see through and catch you naked.) By the way, as for that stupid glass shit in the bathrooom.. what a crock... I mean who are you hiding from anyways? How many people let other people (Besides the loved ones that have already seen your bare ass.) in the bathroom while they are showering or whatever? Honestly now! Anyways, I'm jumping off track, so my eye... HURT! I scheduled a doctors appointment and the earliest they could get me in was at 11:15am. Well let me just say that if it weren't for our cheap ass employers stupid health insurance that makes me go to a doctor to get a recommendation to go to the opthomologist, I would have probably suffered way less. BUT NO, instead I had to wait and go the doctor for my eye instead of the eye specialist. So I go into the doctor (My fiance had to drive me because I couldn't see) and she says "Oh looks like a viral infection probably caused by an irritant. It should go away in a day or two so take some Advil for the aching and rest." WOW, what a diagnosis, I mean here's a hypothetical example of another one. "Well sir it appears to be an abnormal growth coming out of the side of your face, make sure to sleep on that side of your head tonight in order to put pressure on it and hopefully get it to even out. If not come back on Monday and we'll tell you what it really is and prehaps kick you on the other side of the head to even the look out." SERIOUSLY, You are a doctor, a professional, DIAGNOSE with some sort of educational reasoning. Needless to say I am a lucky guy and know a lot of people who do a lot of different things. For example, my good friend was coming home that night from the Michigan College of Optometry and after looking at my eye that night basically scheduled an emergency appointment for me at her father-in-laws. Guess what? He's an opthomologist and told me that it is Keratitis and it's a good thing we caught it in time because a day or two longer and it could have burst and swelled to the surface causing unbelieveable pain (which I can't imagine because it already hurt like a mother..) and possibly eye damage. So he gave me some strong ass eye drop stuff and sent me out saying that I was to report back on Tuesday night for a checkup. Whew! Got that outta the way.


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