Thursday, January 27, 2005


Yep, so I suck. I haven't updated this in over a month. To quote Pulp Fiction, I have been in a "transition period" that has awakened my senses. I have decided to let go of my anger an frustration as much as possible and stick with my current situation. Here is what has happened recently....

After the holiday hoorah and the failed attempts at New Year's resolutions, I went on a small but definitely unique vacation. We went skiing in Canada at a place called Blue Mountian. It's no Vail or Aspen by any means but it sure as hell beats the sorry ass garbage dumps of Michigan. My fiance and I went with about 10 other people, or wait maybe it was 12. Whatever... either way it is way to many people to be traveling with at this point in life. I mean when you are at this stage of life (By stage I mean almost married) you realize that having some personal space is definitely required in order to actually relax on a vacation. And yes for all of your twisted minds I do mean time to put the fleshy sombrero on. (If you don't get that stop reading ;-)). So with this many people and about an average of 2 couples confined to space which seemed to average out to no more than a large master bathroom, you can imagine how unnerving it was even just to change or sleep. I mean get a few beers in guys and we snore like lumberjacks in the mighty redwoods. I don't even think I need to explain the ladies frustrations with this amongst the smell of stale beer and then enormous gaseous eruptions expelling from the bowels below. As you can see I think I have painted the picture. The only time away from this was pretty much on the slopes which in turn were packed as if everyone was having the same issues.

Moving on because talking about the trip is actually stressing me out more than I think the actual vacation did, once back I decided to apply for a new job. Actually many new jobs because the thought process was that I couldn't face another day especially with so many employees leaving. (We have lost 3 employees in about 1 month) Turns out that we actually weeded out some of the negativity but I'll get back to that in a minute. So it seemed as though the job search was really panning out until they wanted me to uproot to Chicago. Well NO... I mean seriously if I can support the Midwest region from Chicago I can support it from Detroit as well. Everything happens for a reason or so they say. So I sucked up my pride, had a Coke and a smile, and started trying to be productive and positive at work. I really have a good job, I mean aside from the shit I mention that just aggervates me. I get paid well, I show up pretty much when I want, I have a lot of pull and overall the boss' wife has absolutely no idea what it is that I do here. I know that it kills her inside to have to sign my check and I can't lie I love it! So here I am trying to stick it out.

It's still cold as hell here and I am now attempting to battle with the bosses wife over the thermostat. I turn it up, she turns it down. It's almost like she applies the directions on the back of a shampoo bottle to everything. Rinse, Lather and Repeat. She comes in checks the temp turns it down, I turn it up, she repeats. It sucks but someone has to try and keep us from frost bite.

I will try to get back into the habit of updating this daily so check back. I have loads more to tell....


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