Monday, December 20, 2004


So after scrapping the ice off of the car this morning and driving in the 1 degree weather to work. I hadn't planned ahead enough for how cold is was going to be at the office. My fingers are literaly unable to type with any speed due to being almost frozen. They are actually in pain from the movement and I am making mistakes. Perhaps that is the hypothermia setting in? I have my coat on and space heater on high. I noticed that the other employees had all of the office doors closed around them trying to hold in what little heat might be available. It seems that the owners have not yet understood that if you turn the heat down to 45 degrees over the weekend it costs more money to heat up the place every day. Even at night we have the heat turned down to 67 degrees. This can't be a healthy working enviroment, nor does it help anyone get motivated to get anything done. My body is slightly sore from shivering, and the coffee cools down within minutes if you don't drink it fast enough.

So, we have a guy doing a technology show in another state. He is going to most likely be doing this by himself as it seems that most of the employees are attempting to be gone before this show. He called me today to ask for advice, I find it hard to even help him considering I don't understand what he can sell without anyone at the office. I guess it will depend on how many people actually leave like they say they are going to. I feel bad for him though because he can't get out. He needs to get the rest of his comission paid. They have strung him out for too long and now he's too deep to leave. Man that sucks.


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