Friday, December 10, 2004

Get Some!

So today I was at work and the boss comes into my office with some information regarding E-commerce websites and ODBC database connection tools. Too bad he used buzz words from our prior conversations to find the information. See the problem is that I mentioned the words like Foxpro, MySQL, and data transfer and he did a simple search on this shit to find information. He has absolutely no concept of what any of this means and likes to think that he does. So any information he gives me is usually something close but not quite what I am looking for. Anyways, the day started off with me already being pissed off because I was thinking to myself.. listen who knows this kind of stuff, me or you? I think the reason it gets to me is because he wants me to go ahead and research the stuff and then he does it anyways and walks into my office with a shit eating ear to ear grin like "Look I found the solution" and then I have to constantly tell him "NO! What you found was something that had a paragraph that contained partial words of what I had mentioned in a conversation but has nothing to do with anything we are trying to accomplish." I mean it boils down to, do you want me to do my job or would you like to do it for me while I manage you. I mean you own a company get to work on some of the other shit that needs getting done. Have you noticed that in the past 1 year you have lost 4 employees while only gaining 1. Doesn't make must sense to me. Meanwhile the remaining employees get the work-load left over dispersed amongst ourselves. It's slightly stressful.

Anyways, on the phone today with our solution provider for accounting software, the owner say something like.. hey so what do you do in "PO-DUNK" county on a friday night? The guy on the other end of the phone says well my wife and I don't have any kids so we stay home and watch TV. After discussing which show they like to watch on friday nights my boss says, "Geez, no wonder you don't have any kids!"
Excuse me but HELLO!!! PROFESSIONALISM ever heard of it? Didn't think so.

Sometimes I am so embarrassed to even be associated with him.

I have to go, it's late and I'm drinking beer and playing video games. At least I have a few days to relax before being at the office. Enjoy!


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