Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Ringy Dingy

So yesterday right before leaving I get another aggervation. I was attempting to leave the office at an early 5:05pm in order to have dinner with some family friends. As I was going to get up my boss walks into my office and throws down a cellphone bill on my desk. Now I should preface this with the following information. My boss agreed to paying for my cellphone for both work and personal use since I told him he could either pay for any work calls on my old cell phone or I just would be out of contact whenever off-site. The reason for this is that I did not want to have to carry two or more cellphones again ever. Anyways back to the issue. So he looks at me and says you went way over on your minutes and you owe me "X" amount of dollars. He looked at me and said "Man you really must be in love because you talked to her everyday, sometimes twice a day." At that point I looked at him slightly bewildered and utterly dumbfounded by his stupidity. I said, "Well if your wife was out of town for over 30 days you would probably talk to her a lot as well." that is when he said no. I shook my head, not so much in surprise since I know his wife but more so because I don't believe that he understood my point, and just said "That's the difference between you and I."

So of course that set me off, especially considering it is so close to the holidays and the employees here at the company will be lucky to get a card or maybe a cheap box of chocolates that they can buy in bulk. I guess I shouldn't complain, I mean something is better than nothing right? Oh wait, that's right I got a big fuck you pay your cellphone overage, oh and by the way Merry Fucking Christmas. Not that I'm hostile ;-) The least they could do is turn up the heat in the office, I mean it takes all day for the space heaters to heat the building up to above 65 degrees. By the time it's semi-comfortable we all go home.


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