Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Opps... forgot Monday!

So I missed Monday.. I guess the day flew by. It was so cold in here this morning that I couldn't hear right because I believe my ear drums were frozen. It was as if everything was muffled. Well could've been that plus the combination of the roar of my space heater on full blast. This place sucks, I mean I get about 1.5 hours a week of vacation time that builds up. Something like that, anyways, so I had just under a week and I decided well I would like to take it off between the holidays to go out of town. So I go through the process of filling out the paid time off request form. As I walk towards the boss' office I get that nervous feeling knowing that he's going to be a complete dick about it. And sure enough I wasn't let down. He gave me a look like what the heck is this? So I handed it to him and said "Thanks bud!", he looked at me sternly and said, "I didn't approve it yet!". So trying to hold back my complete frustration and the fire catching between my temples, 'I said well I have the availabe time to take those 4 days off.", and he sits down at his chair and says "Yeah but it is year-end." Meanwhile, through my mind in slow motion I am envisioning picking up the chair next to me and throwing it at him while screaming how much of a F-ing idiot he is and that he has absolutely no appreciation for any of his employees. So, while these nasty, evil thoughts are crossing my mind he is muttering something about "Blah, blah, blah, bullshit f-ing bullshit, I have to take viagra because my woman does nothing for me, blah, blah..." Later on that afternoon, after giving him the blank stare I said, " so you are not going to approve it?" and I give him the look of like whatever then your choice dumbass, and shrug my shoulders, thinking in the back of my head that I am coming down with a severe case of the ICANTWORK virus. So he quickly chirps in, " Well I didn't say you couldn't have the time off either..." At this point, conversation changed to, "So what have you been working on today?" I wanted to give him the truth and let him know that I have been desperately searching for new employement to get out of here and muster back any of the little shreds of life that this place has not sucked out of me. But I didn't, I gave in and quickly filled his head with bullshit things like, "Fixing so and so's problem, and searching for this solution, and quoting companies software and hardware." Conversation pretty much ended after that and I tucked my tail and headed back to my warm enclosed office with no windows.

Anyways, the moral of this story is that I need to grow a pair and find a job in order to enforce the beauty that is being in complete control of the situation. Like one of the other workers here who got a different job and is just floating out his remaining time without a care in the world. Oh how nice that must be.... UGH.. THIS PLACE SUCKS.

You know I researched another company, it's a small one probably larger than ours since we keep losing employees and not replacing them. Anyways, bottomline is that their starting benefits are better, like 4 weeks of vacation within the 1st year of employement. Starting DAY 1 how ridiculous is that.. we fight here over the last shreds of toliet paper or paper towel to dry our hands, while constantly fighting a dog out of our offices or cubicles. THAT DOG!!! If he gets in my trash one more time.. I SWEAR... he's so dirty, rolling around in the swamp across the street and them coming into your office and farting, them making that sneaky exit. Leaving the stench so that people that come in directly after think it was you...

I have got to find a new job.


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