Tuesday, December 21, 2004

More on that cellphone..

I get called into the bosses office this morning, or wait he didn't get in until 11 or later so maybe it was afternoon. Either way, I get called in there because the idiot can't open his Outlook. Apparently it crashed and burned and oh by the way "Outlook sucks!" according to him. I have absolutely no problems with Outlook and I really have to say that neither do any of the other millions of customers around the world using it. But wait this is also coming from the guys that uses some off-brand no-name accounting software that isn't compatible with anything in the market today and still runs off of 10 year old database technology, and claims it is the best application out of it's kind. I could list off 100 reasons that perhaps Microsoft GreatPlains would do a better job, but it still would suck for him because he is too stupid to understand how it works. I blame the user!!!

Anyways, so I walk into the office click on the Outlook icons and guess what... yep.. it loaded without fail. So I closed it and opened it again... oopss.. shit it opened without fail again! WTF, maybe if you weren't trying to download "Chicks-with-dicks_143_6969_Imreallyavirus.mpg.avi.pif" to jerk off to we wouldn't be having any problems. I just want to scream at him, "PUT THE PORN DOWN!!!!!" So he looks at me and is like oh it's fixed.. what did you do? I said, "Well let's see I pressed the left mouse button twice rapidly over the Outlook icon." How is that for a technical description? He didn't find the humor, seems like he never does. But what am I supposed to do? I can't make up for him being a retard.

So he says, "Oh by the way, this cellphone overage thing has been happening more than just this time". I'm thinking SO what? So I said, "Well I wasn't aware of it, and besides it doesn't matter I'll pay you for it and then I am getting my own personal phone." That's when he quickly responded back, " Well we could just bump up the plan." OKAY WAIT?!!
You mean to tell me that this overage thing has happened before but you haven't said anything to me about it. But all of the sudden you are trying to pin it on me as some sort of big deal? And now only because I am saying that I will get my own phone, you offer the solution of bumping up the plan. I mean really, I know it's hard for you buddy but try to use the few bits of brain matter you have to think about why you wouldn't have just done this in the first place.... yeah exactly.. what's that your Outlook won't open again...

Seriously... I must leave this place.. I think that something in the air is dissolving our brains.


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