Wednesday, December 08, 2004

What's my name?

It's been a pretty laid back morning, not much is going on at least for me. Although my normal chat buddies are either not on or doing something that is preventing the from entertaining me at the moment. That creates a very slow day when there is no one to chat with. Once again the boss isn't in this morning. I need to own my own place so that I can come and go as I please and say things like "I'm so busy that I can't catch up." or "I'm working 12 hours days" knowning full well he's lucky if he puts in 15 minutes of decent work related time in a day. I mean a typical day starts out with him coming in at about 10:30am and then booting up his computer. That process alone wastes a half hour due to the amount of sh*t he has downloaded onto it. By the time he gets it up and running and logged in it take about another 15 minutes for him to open his applications, once again, more sh*t. Spyware, Porn, Videos, Music, I mean he has it all. In the computer world he is a walking STD infection (Stupid-enough To Download). He will download and open anything. As long as the title has something to do with some sick fantasy of his or contains one of the key sex terms, HE's IN. That makes my job a living hell, but enough on that. So he walks around the office like he's a lion watching over his pride. He is unaware that a rebellion is upon him. Obliviously, he will either start asking what people are working on, or depending on the mood start telling some LAME-ASS excuse for a joke. Everyone humors him with that mumble under their breath of "F-Off" and a half-ass smile. Because of this his ego inflates more and he thinks that he is everyone friend, so he moves on to his unsuspecting victim of the day. He'll approach that employee and lay into them about something that he either would have done differently or doesn't like to see them doing... he says things like "Do you like working here?", or "You know (Job Description) employees are a dime a dozen in this economy! I could replace you without having to think.". Meanwhile this victim is thinking quietly "Who cares! I hate it here" but they don't say anything as they enjoy the paycheck.

Finishing up the rest of his day is surfing porn or real estate listings on the internet, answering e-mails with one liners that don't get anything accomplished, and ignoring all phone calls that come in. He'll say he's too busy to talk to someone calling on the phone because he is too busy SURFING PORN! Then late in the afternoon near quitting time he'll want to discuss work and start having little status meetings. This creates more aggervation because now that the employee has worked a full-day, he/she would like to go home and not have a late meeting.

Needless to say I am sure that I am leaving things out but it's a good day to vent about it while he is gone. The owners wife who works here... yeah all I have to say is learn my NAME... because when people call for someone with a name relatively close to mine don't pass the call to me. This create mass confusion for me and angers me because the names are not that similar. But whatever, moving on I must do some work.


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