Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Not among the smartest in the group

You know sometimes people that are so unique and intrigue people so much are put on display at the circus. Now I am not saying that this is nessecarily a good thing to have happen but it seems to entertain people, or they just walk by and say things that are good or bad about them. We have in this world plenty of awards to nominate people but we have no website or place to nominate someone for the circus. I elect that someone start as a place where people of today can elect people for display of either amazing acts or extreme looks just for fun and have them viewed and rated by other people.

Now I know that this may sound unusually unkind but think about it. How many times do we as a nation / world sit in front of the TV, or walk around in the mall and see someone or something for that matter that is of questionable appearance or demeanor? I know myself that I sit and have watched american idol and just torn people to shreds about how I can't believe they even think they can sing, or I have saw a person in the mall and said, "Wow! I'm not sure what that is.?¿?" It may not be appropriate and I know that we are taught not to judge or else be judged, but let's face it everyone does and sometimes it's funny. I mean even if we don't judge someone will always be judging us which is why anyone worries about appearance. So anyways, it could be a pretty funny sight if someone started it.

The reason I brought it up is I think that my boss' wife is the most tight assed, well-to-do person in the world. I mean I understand the saying that you can get wealthy by pinching pennies and that you have to bargain shop but seriously. If this lady could find a way to cheat the post office it' d be done. I wouldn't be surprised if she attempts to bargain with the gas station clerks. You already know about the office heating and cooling problem based on her brilliant financial calculations of how it must be less expensive to heat this huge building with 10 space heaters instead of the normal heating/cooling system.

I need to go repent for the things that I have said in this blog today as I am being a judgemental person. Perhaps I just don't understand what it is like to be unable to understand simple things such as postage, inflation, heating/cooling cost benefits. I mean for a person who can't figure out after 15 years of computer usage how to minimize a window in MS Windows you would think I would be able to offer a small amount of sympathy.

NOPE! Take some of the money you SAVE everytime we have to travel on business and you make some of us room together like we are your fucking kids, AND LEARN HOW TO OPERATE A COMPUTER, or better yet pay the heating bill and warm it up a degree or two. FRANKLY, I don't care if you can ever use a computer for more than staring at the pretty different colors on the screen like a monkey.

Sorry if I offended anyone. I don't know what happened I blacked out for a second.


At 9:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Zippy, how was the Hawaii trip?


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