Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Rabbit Food is good for me

So last night I hung out and played some video games with my buddy. We drank a few beers and that made for a great morning. Actually it wasn't too bad, I think it is just the wretched horror of what the upcoming day at the office has in store that really makes each morning bad.

Waking up this morning the weather was about as shitty as it was last night, although less fog. It was just warm enough to keep the rain from turning into snow but cold enough for your balls to crawl back up farther into your body. Bone Chilling! That's probably the better way to describe it. On days like today it is hard to plan what to wear into the office since you want to wear a simple dress shirt and pants but need to dig out your long underwear (which I don't own) to keep from freezing solid at the office. The office runs about a nippy 68 or less degrees anywhere from 6am to 2pm.. after 2pm it seems to kick up to about 70-74 depending on how many people have entered and left, and how many space heaters are consecutively running.

I found out that a fortunate guy at work today has a second interview in the same week to get out of here and restore life for himself. Everyday here drains the life and driving force to motivate out of your viens. IT SUCKS!

Anyways, enough for now must help the other minions finish our busy work.

Nevermind, forget working, it's overrated. Okay so I just went outside to have a smoke and the rain had cleared up. The clouds are flying across the sky. It was kinda surreal, but whatever. I had lunch with a co-worker today which was slightly abnormal for my daily routine. We went to this pool place and I had a salad. Once again slightly weird. I don't know but it sounded great. Too bad it was almost like they placed the entire head of lettuce onto the plate and poured some dressing on it. Whatever it was a nice retreat from the office. I have this feeling that since the boss wasn't in yesterday and has been doing personal meetings all day that he'll get back here at about 10 to 5pm and expect us all to work late.

Since I got this office, which I must say is a huge office, they have had it painted and cleared out. It is what used to be an old storage room. It's a large rectangle with no windows and absolutely no cellular service what-so-ever. It's semi-depressing although it is about the furthest point in the office away from the boss so it's not all bad, and allows for a quick escape out the back for smokes or just to leave without notice. There is this ugly UGLY picture that has been sitting on the ground just inside the door for about 9 months. I hadn't even really payed attention to it as it leaned against the way all of that time. Yesterday T (co-worker) pointed it out and said sarcastically "Wow, that picture is awesome, you should hang it." So he picked it up and placed in on top of a server out in front of my desk. Since then everyone that has walked into the office has noticed it and made comments. Things such as, "Wow I think I saw that picture in a funeral home once." or "Whose attic did you find that in?". It has a rusty colored, old ass stained frame with a yellowish orange nature picture. Kind of like the classic $5 artwork that someone picks up for some ridiculous amount of money because they think it's special. I have to admit it's sort of growing on me since it's like my window to the world. It represents how cheap and shady everything at this company is.


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