Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sweaty Breastits

Evian Water Bra

Classic! I can't say anything else.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I've got to say it's been a good day!

I recieved a phone call on Friday at about 5:30pm which I didn't get until Sunday morning. Mainly because I worked until about 7:30pm on Friday and then relaxed when I got home. Saturday I had a Pre-Marital Seminar for which I had turned my phone off. Anyways, I checked my 6 voicemails Sunday morning and found most of them to be completely point-less except for one. It was for a Video Processing Engineer position with a company locally. Started out good and the guy said he would send me an e-mail Monday morning with details and such. At this point I was pretty pumped about it though.

Monday rolled around like any other Monday does. I woke up with that dreadful feeling of going to the office and realizing that the owners were back from vacation. That meant they would be all gun-hoe about getting things done. And of course to top it off there were computer problems at the office, again which related back to them being home. I can almost put money on the fact that the virus that ran through our system and then was successfully cleaned was from the boss. Probably some "" file he downloaded and opened. Anyways, it started off pretty poorly as I had imagined it would. We also had hired a new employee which somehow became my responsibility to make sure that they understood how to do their job. UGH! Anyways, I waited and waited.. constantly trying to occupy myself on some though other than the "JOB" that I was waiting to hear about. By noon I decided to be pro-active and call the guy to remind him.

I picked up the phone and dialed the number.. patiently breathing and listening to the ring. Finally a woman picked up and stated the usual company name and her name, "How may I help you?". I explained who I was and who I was looking for and she asked me again my name. After she transfered me the guy on the other end of the phone was friendly but disappointed. He explained to me that the position had been filled. I thanked him for thinking of me and hung up the phone slouching back into my seat. I was pretty bummed out. I mean after about 20 or so resume submittals, I was excited to actually hear from someone, even if I hadn't submitted to them.

So 2:30pm rolls around and I get a voicemail on my phone. Turns out the guy mistaked me for another guy with my name (Imagine that..) nah, I'm kidding but it was a pretty close name so I'll forgive him. Anyways, he stated that the position he thought I would be perfect for was still open and that he would love to submit me to them. I polished up my stuff and sent it over today.
(I sat back yesterday and thought wow.. a call for a possible job at 5:30pm on Friday and it's full at 12PM on Monday... didn't make much sense.) Now I know why.. because it wasn't filled.

Anyways, so today I have recieved another call from a company that performs Nerual Monitoring Services while patients are in surgery. They do it all remotely and need someone like me to manage. However, they were not planning on budgeting properly for the position so after a discussion they are checking to see whether or not they can afford me. We did discuss scheduling an interview though which is good. I like the idea of the position but I cannot afford to take the cut that it would require to get to where they were talking.

There was another position that is a possibility but it is a sales position and would require me to once again take a pay cut to work off of commissions and I am not sure how comfortable I feel with this. But as a good friend of mine said, "You have to break some eggs in order to make mayonaise!"

So I'll keep it in mind. Hopefully, one of these pans out and makes life a little more tolerable. Although, three possibilities in one week is great and I'm not complaining.