Monday, October 03, 2005


Hello america! Wise UP!

Gas prices are ridiculous, I should get a raise based upon these prices rather than inflation. Could you imagine if your salary was in direct correlation with Gas Prices, you'd be rich in a year. Here is the trend:

Natural / Man Made disaster = Gas price SPIKE (meaning: plus $1.50)

Then since we all bitch and moan about it but continue driving and paying for it, they drop the price .50 to make it seem like we are saving money. It's very convienent how this works. Let me put it to you like this:

Here I have a tasty Quarter Pounder with Cheese (BTW in case you didn't know in this hypothetical situation, you love the QP w/ Cheese and need it like you need your daily fix) Anyways, moving on... This QP w/ Cheese costs $1.49 but now there is an article that cows in Africa have Mad Cow disease... (I get my meat from Canada)... I raise the price of my QP w / Cheese to $3.65... You get pissed but know that I supply the only tasty QP w/ Cheese and you need it so you pay!

Then I decide that I can assist you and make you happier because naturally you are super pissed at the increase of over 50%, so I drop my price down to $2.65 and you are so excited that you purchase two and take one home to save for tomorrow because you are worried that I will up my price again as soon I find out that a tornado is scheduled to blow through Kansas.

See the point to my story is that we as consumers of gasoline gripe about the rising prices and let the high powers state that it is because of some natural disaster or war, when in fact it doesn't have that much to do with any of those things. I mean here we are SUPER NATION, and when other things go wrong we find another place to get them from. No one can tell me that the only places to get oil and have oil refineries are the locations that these storms or wars are. Granted this may have an intial short term effect for us to divert our resources but we should be able to rebound instead of raising costs 50% or more and then lowering them 5% to make it seem like they are doing a favor. Fuck them, I don't feel any relief!

But hey what can I do, I can't even get out of a job I hate, how could I lobby a protest on the energy resource commisions of the nation? I still buy gas because it's not like I can not drive... it's a catch 22 and they know they have us all wrapped up. I often wondered when I drive through some areas, where does all that money come from to build an 8000 sq. ft. house, or drive that Ferrari? Now I know, someone bought into gas, probably someone that we also allow to not pay taxes for 10 years so that they can get started in our great nation, then what do they do, oh they just move the company to the next relative that gets on a ship over! FUCK THAT! WHERE is my TAX BREAK! GRRRR SO ANGRY!


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