Friday, July 01, 2005


My boss yesterday decided to join our side, he is upset with the heating and cooling issues within the building and the fact that his wife is constantly monitoring the thermostats and adjusting them to make everyone including him uncomfortable. So last night before leaving he started fooling with the thermostat and seeing if he could calibrate it differently so that she would think it said 79 but it was really only like 72 or something. Anyways, after figuring out that this wouldn't work because it's a digital thermostat, he decided to assign the task of figuring out a work around to fool her into thinking she had control over it. Bob (Name changed for security reasons) decided that he could figure this out.

A while ago Bob had a mother-in-law or something like that who had a light beneath her thermostat at home and for years couldn't figure out why she would be across the room getting a chill but her thermostat would read that it was warm in there. Finally, she made the connection and moved the light or used a different light to light up the room. Using this theory, Bob has figured out a brilliant way to fix out current problems and give us "THE EMPLOYEES" control over the temperature within the building.

He calls it the T.E. Stealth Thermostat! Basically it is an extra thermostat located in an area of the building that it would not be noticed but would still feel the temperature change that we feel when the bosses wife messes with the "Office" thermostat. The location would be the server room, because she wouldn't have the faintest clue of any electronic devices or their function in there. They are just a bunch of boxes with pretty lights that make noise. Anyways, this thermostat would have connections not to the Heating/Cooling unit for activation but to a Thermo-Device that would either heat up or cool down depending on the temperature. This Thermo-Device is flat and would be installed behind the "Office" thermostat and would heat up or cool down depending on the season and cause the "Office" thermostat to activate the heating and cooling unit. Therefore, as an example, if the "Office" thermostat read 79 and the T.E. Stealth Thermostat was set at 72. The T.E. Stealth would stay active warming the Thermo-Device behind the "Office" thermostat until the T.E. Stealth Thermostat reached the desired temperature. I will include the Schematics for reference here.

It's brilliant what people will do to avoid confronting the bottom-line issue.


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