Thursday, June 23, 2005


So I bet you are looking at the address thinking... hmm.. is this the right blog? Yeah I decided it was time for change. Why? Because Change=Good! Nah, I was just bored again at work so I decided to tinker around with this. I think it's pretty neat though, it offers a different look and feel which makes it easier to read the crap that I am writing.

I've been busy today surfing the web and speaking with software developers and I have to say it hasn't been all that bad of a day. Although, that headache I had yesterday seems to have settled to one side of my head. The left, and is positioned right behind my eye. That is never a good thing considering that I stare at a computer screen all day. Eh! No big deal, it's a beautiful day out and I beat the boss in this morning and he's been in a pretty good mood today. Everyday has it's surprises.

However, he has whored my services out today to a buddy of his that does a lot of side stuff for him. Somehow I have become the computer service guy for this other dude who apparently also has a porn addiction. It seems he is having computer problems. Let's see what was the list again:

Windows Media Player won't open my porn..oops I mean video clips.
All kinds of porn pop-ups keep coming up (I know that the ad companies target what you are interested in... hmm, what is the first clue he likes porn?....ANYONE?)
Computer is so "gosh-darn" slow (I can't believe he used those words.. I mean GEE-WIZ!)

So you see, I am off to save another victim of "MBNGL" or for you that don't know that one "Married But Not Getting Laid". It still doesn't make it right to be completely addicted to porno though.


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