Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Equipment Showcase

Equipment Showcase: So I come across this article and in my current state of life it really hit a home run. Errr... wait I hate baseball. Better yet, it was a hole-in-one in my book! ;-) Better no?

I am completely and utterly addicted to golf, and while some might think that is bad. I can think of much worse thinks to be addicted to.. like cigarettes. Wait, I'm a smoker too. Damn it! Alright, well who cares because I love golf. So much so that when I play typically when I get to the last hole I am almost sad that it's over for that round. Unless of course I shot like shit, then typically I just want to break something. But I believe that I truly love it for the challenge and discipline it represents. It is not an easy game at all, and requires practice and study to apply the proper techniques to your own physical abilities.

Anyways, that being the preface, I have always wanted my own Golf Cart. I mean, straight up, customized and just ridiculous! You know something that makes the old hacks on the course think, "DAMN PUNKS!" and something that makes the others just stop in horror and amazement that someone would do something like that to a golf cart. I was thinking something like this. Now I think you understand. So yeah but I guess some of the things holding me back are:

My Fiance
How gay does it feel to pull up to a Golf course and unload your silly looking cart?
Can I install nitrous? radio? Custom GPS?

You know the normal things holding all guys back from such an investment. (I say investment in the most sarcasim there is.) But if golf courses were to adopt this Segway GT for $5000 / cart with some GPS, I would definitely be pumped. Sounds like a fun way to suck at golf!


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