Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I haven't really felt up to snuff all week. I was dragging ass on Monday and then somehow got out of doing real work on Tuesday by driving all the way back and forth to the west coast of Michigan. I ended up golfing yesterday afternoon which was fun but my golf buddy and I got into the beers on the back nine and ended up loosing interest in the game. Anyways, I felt pretty crappy all evening like I was getting sick. Today, however, it's not so much that I feel like I am getting sick but more like my head is swelling. The area around my temples is throbbing, kinda like when you chew gum for too long and your jaws start to ache. Well, that's what it feels like? I am not really sure when it started... probably this morning when first thing my boss called a closed door meeting with a co-worker and me. How annoying?! I mean seriously I wasn't even getting settled into a nice day of finding ways to slack when...BAM! 8:40am "Hey why don't you find Bob and come into my office?" (By the way Bob is not his name... in case you didn't know that, it's just an example.) So I go on a hunt for Bob... his office.. nothing... the warehouse.. nothing. I can't seem to find him anywhere and between the fact that the place is no longer that busy or big you would think this wouldn't be a challenge. Oh! Of course... he's having a meeting with the Porcelin Princess. So I wait.... and wait.. then I decide how stupid I must look and feel standing outside of the warehouse bathroom waiting. So I go back to my office.

As I sit there pondering the fact that I was just waiting for a co-worker outside the bathroom door while he did his business, my desk phone rings. Who else would it be, my Boss! Of course! "Perhaps you didn't understand that I wanted to meet now!", I tried in the most polite way to explain that I was waiting on Bob and that I would come as soon as I informed him. Although, as you can imagine I was infuriated and holding back the truth that was swelling inside of me.

Finally, Bob exited the bathroom where I told him to come to this sudden meeting. The closed door meeting was completely unproductive with ideas spurting out of every angle. Same stuff I have heard before about a vested interest in the organization and whether or not I am on-board for the long haul, longer days 10 to 12 hours, bullshit, bullshit... UGH!! To top it all off, the dog was in the office the whole time... even when the boss tried to kick him out. (I believe that previously I have discussed the specialness of this mutt, see previous articles)

Just to recap, the dog is dying, and while this would normally be unfortunate, it's just plain disturbing here. The dog has some mouth fungus and cancer and has been pretty bad for the last 6 months. Also, he stinks... and not like dog... like feces and urine ..... and DEATH! It's horrible it's like spending time around a dying creature... actually it isn't like, it is!

So looking back on my throbbing head... I think that sums it up! At least I know where it came from... now I just have to figure out how to get rid of it.


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