Friday, May 20, 2005

Shitter's Full!

So the plumbing at the office was backed up today. As I came into work today obviously late as usual, I was able to sneak in undetected by using the backdoor. My boss was out in the front looking into the sewer with the plumbers as I snuck in. It was a covert op and I completed my mission without fail. I was able to not only sneak into my office but make good with the boss by joining him out front. That however, ended shortly when the stench of old feces and sewage took over. Disgusting.. seriously! I mean there was about 3 feet of sewage clogged in there... they had this machine that was an industrial snake and they broke through the blockage. I have half a mind to think it was some trucker that used our bathroom and dumped his stash in the toliet. All I know is that I went to take a nasty dump yesterday and after I finished I flushed.. It almost shot back up at me.. that's when I told the boss he needed to call a plumber. He told me to make sure it wasn't happening to anyone else in the area... so I got into my car and drove around to ask.. Wow how stupid does a guy driving around and industrial complex sound when he pulls up to two guys smoking outside and asks... "Hey are you having any problems with your bathrooms...?" Anyways.. enough said. I'm going golfing it's a beautiful day. Get outta there...


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