Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Feels like Monday

It forsure felt like Monday today. That feeling when the alarm clock goes off, like ugh.. the sleep in your eyes as you force and pry them open. You wake up to a crappy looking day outside and find that it's really later than you had thought. You must have hit the snooze button twice, and although you aren't running late, now you feel rushed. That was how my morning started. The coffee tasted like tar it was so thick, apparently my fiance felt the same way and decided to spike the coffee with 2 extra scoops. I mean hell why not dump the hole can in there.. it never helps, just makes it harder to swallow. Plus she's one of those that puts the cream and sugar in and makes it more like a coffee flavored candy drink. Anyways, so I get up have a smoke or two with her before she leaves, all the while my eyelids feel like cement k-rails pulling down as I yawn and force myself into coherencey (Not sure if that is a word). Right before she left we came back into the house and I laid down on the couch. She promptly made me get back up stating, "NO!NO!NO... that's not a good plan at all!" She's right but I still felt like going back to bed. Anyways, after she left I went to shower and realized I had missed 3 phone calls. I thought, "Man, 3 phone calls... who the hell wants what at this time?" Figures, it was work. Right then I knew that even though I was going to attempt to make myself feel as though it would be a good day, I couldn't force myself to believe it! So I call back work and find out the e-mail server is down. Oh well at least I had an excuse now to be a little later because I could be working from home to get it resolved before coming in.

It was no big deal or at least not as big as it could have been... just the server log files taking up too much space and since we haven't upgraded, the hard drive needs constant monitoring because it fills up after too long. I guess if I actually did my job and monitored and cleared it regularly then I wouldn't have that problem.

So once I got in... the day dragged. Although, I did chat with one of my closest friends online today which I haven't done in a while. She's quite a person but I can talk more about her later.. basically my point today was that I am glad this day of work is done. Now I can head home and do some real stuff!


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