Thursday, May 19, 2005


So I can't seem to update this on a daily basis.. I guess I am just not completely motivated. Anyways, I was going to dive into my thoughts on the reason for the Big 3 doing so bad but I have decided to just leave it alone. It's not like too many people really care. I will say this though... Stop marketing to your own employees, if you are one of the Big 3 market towards the people that aren't getting the AZD or XQY plans because those are the people that really matter. I mean seriously.. WHO CARES what current employees get as a discount because you aren't attracting new customers. As a large corporation you would think they would be smarter than to market towards the people that are already most likely to purchase a car from the company they WORK for. Why wouldn't someone purchase a car from their company since they get a fat discount? How stupid does a company have to be to tell the desired potential market..(ie. Person at home without discount plan from being and employee but looking to purchase a car).. what the reaslistic price will be on the car that they might find attractive in a commercial? Seems slightly retarded to me but hey I am just a computer nerd.

Moving on.. I was late to work today. Why you may ask? Well I do not really have a reason for you. I did however have a reason for my boss when he called and asked where the hell I was at 10am. I told him that my dog got outside and ran away and I had to find her. There is nothing wrong with a little white lie right? I mean I could have possibly dreamnt that while I was sleeping in... or not but whatever.. the point is I got to sleep in. What was he going to do? Fire me? Please that would probably be doing me a favor but in his current position, he really wouldn't do it. How do I know that? Because I am privy to information that other people are not and I knew that our best salesman was quitting today. This isn't the only reason but I'll start with it for now...

Anyways, knowing that he was quitting I wasn't really concerned with being punctual this morning. This salesman really was a driving force, not to mention our only remaining salesman. His leaving signifies all that is completely wrong with this company since he was owed some past compensation for jobs that he sold. He was entiled to commissions as stated in his original agreement but when he sold way more than expected the company did not honor and encourage him, no, instead they decided to fight paying him. Making up excuses like he had to pay for internal operating expenses, my time, our customer service time, paperwork processing fees and shit. I mean come on! Seriously just pay the guy his commissions and tell him he's doing a great job. Encourage him to continue and do more because the bottom line is that he is bringing in money to the company. Anyways, he's gone and I say "GOOD FOR HIM!"


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