Tuesday, May 17, 2005


So yeah... it's been a while since I commented on here. A lot with me has changed... unfortunately a lot with my stupid excuse for a job has not. Let's recap on the last 2 months in a brief format.

March.. SUCKED stupid work, lame boss, and basically waking up each day of the week feeling like I should find a way to get out of faking like I actually do work at my job. It's not that I don't have work to do, more that I don't want to do the stupid tasks that I am assigned because I know that the bottom line results are not going to be produced because we can't manage to keep employees happy so why would we be able to keep customers happy.

April.. Well this month was a little better because the BOSS and his wife went on vacation. This meant for one week an one week only we were able to screw off. So we went golfing during the day.. took long lunches... and more importantly focused on the task at hand.. JOB HUNTING. Too bad the economy in my area sucks. I supposed it is due to the fact that it is driven by the big 3 (Auto Makers, if you somehow are not from this planet and don't know who the "BIG 3" are). Since they seem to be suffering, this is impacting the job market and small companies in the area therefore limiting the whole area to just SUCKING. I will get back as to why the "Big 3" are doing so bad tomorrow.

May.. I gave in.. I know I shouldn't have but I couldn't resist it's milky white color.. the way it moves when you touch it and the way only I seem to be able to fill it up and satisfy it. GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER.. I am talking about purchasing an IPOD. I picked up one of those slick 60GB IPOD Photos.. mainly because I have a large collection of music and wanted to carry it around with.. but probably closer to the reason... is that I can't resist other people having cooler technology than me. Like my friends who just moved and bought a 57" HDTV... I guess that means I'll have to throw my 46" into my bedroom and upgrade to a 62" or something.. NO WAIT better yet.. A PROJECTOR.. 120" Screen with full like IMAX capability...

Sigh... nevermind, I can't do that.. not only do I have to save for a wedding but after just having purchased a house I have come to the harsh realization that there really are other things rather than electronics that can mildly satisfy my purchasing addiction... SUCH AS!!!! A NEW PATIO or LANDSCAPING.. HOORAY!!!! I mean I never for the life of me thought for one moment that I would be getting excited about Washer and Dryers.. or Refrigerators for that matter but it's understandable.. they are technology and nowadays they are pretty cool.. BUT LANDSCAPING? Please! Who would have thought? I am humbled...


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