Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Yesterday was a scorcher outside which as you probably are already thinking meant it was hot as hell in the office. As I sat at my desk working, yes I said working. I was starting to get tired and felt my forehead sweating. So I turned up my personal air conditioner which proceeded to not really cool me down but move more of the hot, stagnit air in my office around. The other annoying side affect of my air conditioner is the higher I turn it up the louder it gets which adds to the distraction already caused by overheating. I remember thinking to myself, "Ugh... I need water... ice cold water." I was so hot at that point that I didn't even want to move. It was almost like working outside on a hot, humid day and feeling that overwhelming exhaustion that the heat creates.

I finally dredged up the energy to get up from my desk and go get some water and hopefully some fresh air. As I left the door to my office I noticed that my office was actually hotter than the rest of the office. Believe me though, the rest of the office was not much cooler. I decided on my way towards the sad excuse for a kitchen, to check the thermostat. As I read the display I rubbed my eyes in disbelief. It read 83 degrees!!! My energy level immediately plummeted and I sank back into an almost depressed state of mind. I was angry, hot and super pissed now. I filled up my coffee mug with water and moved back to my office with a sudden burst of energy from the adrenaline pumping through me.

As I opened my Outlook my computer even seemed to drag in the heat, as if it was feeling more pain than myself. Without thinking in a blur of frustration, I clicked on the new message button and proceeded to type my bosses e-mail address into the TO: field. Then, pondering the different expletives I could use, I typed a subject, then deleted it. I decided in a brief moment of clarity to keep it simple. I titled it: "Seriously!!!" Then I went on to type the simple message:

The thermostat says 83 degrees!

I had continued to type more into the message. I eventually reverted back to the simplicity of the above line as I could tell the more I typed the more pissed I was getting. I had added lines like, "Unacceptable", "I will be working from home in a controlled and productive environment since we continue to maintain a sub-par climate". I went on and on, almost for 10 minutes thinking of the rants I could carry off on. Then I highlighted and deleted everything but one sentence, and in a blink of an eye hit the SEND button.

My boss was out at a meeting and arrived shortly after the message was sent. He came into my office as he usually does to ask me what I'm working on. I occasionally fill it with some bullshit and pop a couple of screens here and there, but today was different, I was attempting to work. I don't know if he didn't notice the hurricane like wind blowing on me from my fan or the sweat beads on my forehead, but I became all the more enraged. He left and went back to his office, and that's when I recieved his response:

I know, I just discussed it with management. You have my permission to change it the next time it goes past 78.

Bullshit! Management? WHO IS MANAGEMENT? We have all of 6 people in the office at all times. Two of whom are the owners! The rest of us are under-appreciated pee-ons, who suffer daily either regarding office environment or disrespectful treatment. Anyways, what I hadn't realized until later was that he had forwarded this message to his wife. She stated back another simple statement and yet a perfect example of what we at the office deal with on a daily basis.

Whine! Whine!

I can only say wow! I need a new job. While her response was only to this issue, this represents all other issues that she, in her infinite wisdom, does not agree with or believes she is right about.


At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While some are at the office, others are out doing their tasks in other places. These places do not enjoy A/C either, and I wish that the temperature was ONLY 83 DEGREES. I think that the temp was somewhere above that the past 2 days. To the point that shirts and other articles of clothing were actually dripping from sweat. So, unfortunately, I have to agree with the Whine Whine. 83 is not that bad.


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